Record $3.1 Million Tuna Sold in Japan

A man known as the ‘sushi king’ just spent a record $3.1 million on a massive, bluefin tuna in Japan’s new Toyosu fish market. The man who bought the giant fish at auction is Kiyoshi Kimura, a Japanese businessman who runs The Kiyomura Corporation. For the past seven of last eight years, Kimura has been the highest bidder of Tuna for the market’s new years auction. The record breaking high bid came out to 333.6 million yen, $33.1 million USD, for the 278 kilogram (612.885 pound) tuna.

The rare bluefin was caught off of the northern coast of Japan, and was carved up and tasted in front of Japanese media. The auction was held at the new Toyosu fish market, which replaced the world famous Tsukiji fish market after it was closed last year. Years previously, Kimura had held the record for the highest bid on a tuna, which was in 2013. Last year, another businessman made the highest bid for a tuna. The bluefin tuna has surged in price, mostly due to overfishing. This has led to the giant fish to become an endangered species.

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5 years ago
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