YouTube & Netflix Streaming Coming To Teslas

Live streaming of Netflix and YouTube are both coming to Tesla cars “soon”, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Musk has long spoke of the potential for in-car displays in Teslas for the purpose of entertainment. In the next step of Tesla’s evolution, Tesla cars will come equipped for live streaming via Netflix and YouTube. The automaker already revealed games for drivers including Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter and several classic Atari games. The games all only work while the car is in park, and the steering wheel serves as the controller. Once regulators approve self-driving technology, Tesla cars will allow riders to watch streamed content while the car is driving itself.

The displays inside Tesla vehicles don’t support HTML5, so casual internet surfing isn’t supported. There is certainly some demand for such updates, as many busy individuals would probably prefer to watch a movie as their car drives them to work during rush hour over driving themselves. Of course, there are more than a few safety concerns that naturally come with this development. Test self-driving vehicles are currently required to have a driver ready behind the wheel in case something goes wrong. Even as self-driving car technology improves, it’s unlikely that these fears will be fully remedied soon. There are currently no fully autonomous vehicles legally operating in the US, but this is expected to change soon in what is believed to be the next major society-changing technological shift.

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10 months ago
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