Elon Musk Likens Tesla’s Humanoid Robot Lab to “Westworld” on Earnings Call


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CEO Elon Musk draws parallels to popular TV shows, but the company executive cautions against comparison due to the show’s darker themes. Tesla plans updates on the project’s progress.

In a recent earnings call, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk likened the company’s humanoid robot lab to something out of the HBO drama “Westworld,” inviting the show’s creators for a tour. However, Tesla executive Drew Baglino followed up by stating that “Westworld” might not be the best reference point due to the show’s depiction of robots killing people.

Earlier this month, Musk posted a video on X showcasing the lab’s progress, featuring a robot named Optimus folding a shirt. Additional footage released by Tesla last year showed a motor design engineer working on a robot in a warehouse-like space equipped with tool storage shelves.

While specific details about the lab, named Optimus, remain undisclosed, Tesla was actively hiring for over 50 robotics roles last year, many of which were based in Palo Alto, California. Musk also indicated during the earnings call that there is a “good chance” the company will begin shipping units of Optimus next year, emphasizing that updates on the project’s progress will be provided to the public every few months.

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