What Are The Best Banks?

Do you think your current bank is the best one for you?

The modern banking industry is complex and you have many more options than you realize. While most people go with the bank that they and their friends and loved ones are most familiar with, a money-savvy individual crunches the numbers and gets the best deal for their money. Fortunately, modern technology and the abundance of information means that you don’t need to do much number crunching yourself.

What makes a bank better than other banks? Many banks are entirely online now, so you can choose whether or not you want to see a teller. You can also find banks offering unique features that can suit you. When it comes to the numbers, however, it’s much easier to determine what’s good and bad. Higher interest rates for savings, fewer limits on transactions, and lower fees for important transactions are the metrics that the typical person can benefit from, but every person’s unique needs can be addressed by at least one bank. Because of this, it’s good to start by listing out your requirements, then reviewing the banks which reach these requirements.

Kiplinger.com has crunched the numbers for you and they’ve listed these banks as being the best for a specific group of people:

Best national bank: TD

Best bank for high net worth families: Citibank

Best online bank: Ally Bank

Best bank for families with students: Capital One

Best bank with no fees and no fusses: Ally Bank

Best bank for frequent travelers: Charles Schwab Bank

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8 months ago
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