Simple Side Gigs for a Quick Buck

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You may already have some profitable skills under your belt.

It’s definitely lousy when your hours get cut, to say nothing of losing your job entirely, but if you’ve got the time and know-how, there are plenty of ways to a pick up a few bucks in your down time. You might be thinking “well, what know-how do I have besides how to do my day job?” Friend, you would be surprised what people will pay money for.

For example, did you know it’s actually fairly easy to become a notary public? Sign a few forms, maybe take a couple of classes, and then you’re legally qualified to serve in all signature-related needs. You can certify copies, witness signatures, notarize transactions; it ain’t rocket science, and it’s a deceptively necessary profession.

Speaking of the written word, do you speak any other languages? Translating and interpreting are always required, and businessfolk big and small will pay top dollar to know what the person across from them is saying about their suit. If you’ve got a good ear and can type fast, transcribing audio files is also a very helpful service for places like law offices and hospitals. Those kinds of institutions like to have hard documents, so if you can type them up, they’ll totally pay you for them.

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Everyone has indulged in all sorts of new hobbies in the last few years, one particularly popular one being drone piloting. If you own a drone and a license and are decent enough at operating it, you could become a freelance drone photographer. Real estate companies hire drone operators to take photos of prospective properties, and you can also take lots of stock photos of various kinds of scenery for one of the big picture companies like Shutterstock or Getty.

There’s a good chance that something you make use of in your daily life, whether it be for practical purposes or for fun, can make you some quick scratch. Do a little soul-searching, and you’ll find the green you need.

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