Second Leak In Keystone Pipeline In Two Years Spills Into Wetlands

The second Keystone pipeline leak in the last two years has spilled about 383,000 gallons of oil into North Dakota wetlands.

According to the Independent, the spill is about the size of an Olympic swimming pool.

The 2,600 mile Keystone Pipeline carries oil from Alberta, Canada down to Southern Texas. The pipeline has come under fire from environmentalist activists frequently over the course of its history. The pipeline is still less than 10 years old, but it’s seen quite a lot of controversy already. The last major spill resulting from a leak in the pipeline saw over 400,000 gallons of oil cover a large swath of agricultural land in South Dakota.

The primary opposition to the Keystone pipeline has come from environmentalists and members of tribes who have land that the pipeline would run through. Environmentalists have held the Keystone pipeline as one of the most significant environmental challenges in the US. Several extensions of the pipeline are still being considered.

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7 months ago
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