Where Americans Are Maxing Out Their Credit Cards

Credit card debt is one of the most pervasive forms of debt in the US today.

The issue of credit card debt is one that people of all ages can relate to all across the US. However, the distribution of credit card debt isn’t equal.

Federal Reserve data shows that the total credit card balance in the US is over $800 billion, the highest sum since 2009. While much of this debt will be paid off, much of it won’t. Furthermore, people in some states are having a particularly hard time handling their debt.

According to a recent study from Lending Tree, San Diego, CA residents are maintaining the highest sums of credit card debt of all American cities. According to the study, residents of San Diego have an average of $6,629 in credit card balances. Furthermore, about one in five (18.5%) have at least one maxed-out credit card.

Given the cost of living and the crisis of homelessness in the state, it’s unsurprising that California is over-represented when it comes to American credit card debt. Following San Diego, Los Angeles came in second with an average of balance of $6,472. Three of the top ten cities with the highest average credit card balances are in California. Following the two major Californian cities, San Antonio and Houston, TX are the third and fourth on the list, in that order.

The other major trend is that the most populated cities in the US are also the most indebted. This is unsurprising, as the largest cities in the US also carry the highest incomes and the highest costs of living. However, the broader trend of rising credit card balances across the country is certainly cause for concern.

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