Better Business Bureau Warns Of Pizza Delivery Scams

Credit: The New York Times

A particularly devious new scam has hit pizza restaurants across several states.

A new scam targeting pizza businesses and their customers has been discovered. It starts with a scammer walking into a pizza shop pretending that they need to make an emergency call. They make the call, then leave the restaurant. That’s when employees notice a strange fact: their phones are no longer ringing.

Once the pizza restaurants stop receiving calls, they call their phone companies and find out that their calls are being redirected to an untraceable number. So, when customers call to order a pizza delivery, they end up unknowingly talking to scammers, who act as though they are the pizza restaurants’ employees. They then attempt to dupe unsuspecting customers to tell them their credit card information.

This scam is difficult to expect from the customer’s point of view because of how unexpected it is. If you use your credit card to call in pizza deliveries, make sure you check your statements for unusual activity. If you notice anything unusual, call your credit card company and discuss the matter with them. If you’ve been the victim of one of these scammers, request a new credit card. Also, you can drive to the location you ordered pizza from and let them know what’s happened.

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6 months ago