McDonald’s to Launch BTS-Themed Meal

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McDonalds is teaming up with the super-hit K-pop group.

Since the tail-end of last year, McDonald’s has been forming partnerships with multiple big-name music stars, offering special themed meal deals personally selected by the celebrities in question. Their partnerships with J Balvin and Travis Scott proved to be wildly successful, with some McDonald’s locations receiving so many orders of the latter promotion that they ran short on hamburger ingredients. With the brand currently on a hot streak, McDonald’s is lining up its next celebrity endorsement, and this one could be exceptionally profitable based solely on who it is with: BTS.

McDonald’s announced today that they are partnering with the immensely popular Korean pop group BTS to offer their next musician-endorsed meal. While BTS is a Korean group, their fanbase exists all over the world, and so to reach the maximum possible amount of influence, this meal will be offered in South Korea, the United States, Brazil, Canada, and eventually up to 50 countries spanning six continents. As for what the BTS Meal actually includes, it will feature a ten-piece Chicken McNuggets, along with a medium-sized fries and a Coke. The meal will come with sweet chili and Cajun sauces, condiments that were formerly exclusive to South Korean McDonald’s location and will be making their US debut.

McDonald’s celebrity partnership initiative has all been part of a plan to increase sales without overly-taxing their profit margins with esoteric items. All of the promotional meals so far have been made up of menu selections that are regularly available on the normal menu, banking instead on the brand recognition of the partnership. So far, it’s been working, and with the sheer ubiquity BTS has been showing in the past year, this new meal is likely to be another success.

The BTS Meal will be available at participating McDonald’s starting May 27.

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