Calling All Coin Hoarders: Cash In Coins For Extra Cash!

Cash is a chosen method of payment for almost half of all transactions especially purchases under $20. However, paying in cash racks up spare change on the average of $5 per week. So, if you’ve got a pile of coins laying around at home you might want to cash them in and here’s why …

  • All banks except change so don’t be afraid to bring it in. So what is the best way to do this? Ask your banker for some coin rolls which they will provide free of charge.
  • For a more automated option look for coin kiosks at your local super market. But don’t get fooled these machines usually charge 8-10%.
  • To avoid fees you can ask for a gift card for example to Amazon instead of cash.
  • If you’re an incredible coin hoarder, then you may want to open an account at TD bank, as they offer free coin machine service to all account holders. The best part, if you guess the amount of coins you have correctly, you win a prize.

Have a little kid(s) at home? Bring them with you. This is a great time to help them learn about saving money too. It’s a learning experience for both and a good way to cash in for some extra cash!

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5 years ago