What’s The Best Major To Take For Your Salary and Job Opportunities?

When it comes to the majors that’ll land you the best pay and job opportunities, there are always changes going on.

If you’re looking for a smooth-sailing career with many job opportunities and high pay, a new study by Bankrate.com ranked 162 college majors for you.

As is typically the case, the top majors for pay and job opportunities are STEM studies that lead to positions that are critical in the modern economy. At the top of the list, naval/marine engineering nets graduates the best overall opportunities. Graduates with this major make a median annual income of $90,000 and have an unemployment rate of 1.6%. In the field of marine engineering, there is also little need for advanced studies, and only 29% of marine engineers hold more than a bachelor’s degree.

In second place, nuclear engineering majors make an median annual income of $98,100 and have a low unemployment rate at 1.8%. The majority of nuclear engineers have qualifications beyond a bachelor’s degree, but it’s not necessary to get more than that. Following for a close third, pharmaceutical science majors make a median annual income of $100,000, have an unemployment rate of just 2.2%, and 58% take more advanced studies.

Choosing a higher-earning major is most often harder, but more financially rewarding. The choice to pursue one of these majors can greatly mitigate the effects of student loan debt so you can start earning, buy a home, and start a family earlier. In the age where American graduates owe $1.5 trillion, it’s worth considering these higher-earning majors which produce graduates that can easily find work.

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7 months ago
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