The Signs You’re Living Above Your Means

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More stuff isn’t always an indicator of wealth.

Everyone loves having stuff. I love having stuff! My favorite things are my computer, my bed, my couch; all stuff. However, all of my stuff was obtained with money that I knew I had room to spend. Sure, I’d love some more stuff; a bigger TV, a brand-new desk chair, but I don’t buy that stuff in spite of wanting it because I know I can’t afford it. Wanting more stuff is normal, but it’s healthy to know how to be happy with the stuff you have and can afford. It’s when you start getting a bunch of stuff that you can’t afford that you’ve got a problem.

There are a few indicators that you’re consistently living above your means, spending money you don’t have on stuff you more than likely don’t need. For one thing, those with a tendency to live above their means incur a lot of debt, especially on their credit cards. After all, if you don’t have money to spend on stuff in the here and now, then your only recourse is to borrow it from somewhere else. Have you noticed a steady rise in your credit card bills in the last few months? When the time comes to pay them off, are you having difficulty putting money together for it? Heaven forbid, are you borrowing money from elsewhere to pay for them? That’s a cycle you definitely don’t want to get caught up in.

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In addition to debt, if you’re spending all of your money (and other peoples’ money) on stuff, you may frequently find you don’t have money when it’s really important. Things like medical expenses, home and car repairs, and recurring fees demand your money more consistently. A big, fancy TV is nothing but dead weight if you can’t pay your power bills.

If you’ve noticed these things in your own life, it’s a good sign that it’s time for a financial cleanse. Lay off the stuff for a while, get all of your bills in order, and then take the time to properly assess your priorities.

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