The Power of a Killer Presentation

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Talking and gesturing are a salaryman’s secret weapon.

I say with reasonable confidence that most people do not like giving presentations. They take a long time to assemble and proofread, they require you to put yourself in front of a big crowd of coworkers and supervisors to be judged, and if you blow it, you look like a shmuck.

However, it’s that precise lack of appeal that makes being able to give a real home run of a presentation such a valuable workplace skill. Think about it; nobody wants to give presentations, so if you can become the one person in the office who can knock them out of the park, you’ve basically got yourself a monopoly on brownie points.

If you can prove yourself as “the presentation guy” (or lady), you’ll become a go-to candidate whenever your boss needs to assemble a lot of info and make it easily digestible for the whole company. That makes you an iron-clad asset to the company, and that value doubles if you’re asked to put together a presentation for a different company. If you can nail a presentation for, say, a potential partnership with a different company or some manner of licensing deal, you not only establish yourself as a go-to company relations expert, you’ll also start building an inter-company network. Everyone, both in your workplace and beyond it, remembers a 10 out of 10 presentation, and if you ever need to make contact with someone above you, they’ll remember you as the person who pulled it off.

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Of course, before all that can happen, you have to actually get good at assembling and giving presentations. It’s not gonna be easy, especially if you have any hang-ups about public speaking, but if you can overcome those concerns, you’ll cement your position for a very long time.

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5 months ago