The Best Places In The US For Millennials

The challenges millennials face in the modern economy are numerous, and sometimes the only real solution is moving out.

Job opportunities and affordable rent are not equally available everywhere, but millennials, many of whom are struggling with student loan debt, could use a break. The simple fact of the matter is that many people in their young 20s right now could make their lives easier by moving somewhere where they can find room for job growth and fun.

When it comes to the best places for millennials in the US, there are several factors that matter more than most others. made a list of the best states for younger millennials to live in based on median rent prices, nightlife, and various other factors. The first trend that sticks out is that the Midwest and the states inside it dominated the top of the list.

While the Midwest doesn’t get too much attention from those living on the coasts, young millennials can find most of what they’re looking for out there. Take the examples of the two most welcoming places for millennials, North Dakota and Nebraska, respectively. These states may not be known for being attractive to the young, but the proportions of people aged 20-24 are much higher in these states than they are in states like New York and California. North Dakota in fact has the highest proportion of individuals aged 20-24 in the US, it has the third highest rate of youth employment, and the third highest per-capita concentration of drinking establishments, according to MoneyRates.

Rounding up the top five best states for young people, Iowa, Montana, and Wyoming might not fit the stereotype of “trending” locations for young Americans, but the reasons why these places shine become obvious when you have a closer look. Lower costs of living, cheaper tuition, stronger job markets for the young, low unemployment, more bars and other nightlife, and a higher concentration of young people are all factors that speak for themselves.

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11 months ago