Starbucks Recycles “Excess Inventory” Cups

Starbucks has recently done its part to help the environment. Starbucks, a company well known for its work to better the environment and the community is taking it one step further by recycling its unused cups.

The company sent 25 million unused cups to a recycling plant to be recycled. The 25 million cups was an ordering oversight by the company and ended up being excess inventory. Starbucks stated that this excess inventory would have normally just been sent to a landfill. Instead of doing this, they had the idea to try and recycle this cups. The cups ended up being sent to a recycling mill in Wisconsin. The outer plastic was removed from the cardboard cups and then the cardboard was turned into a pulp and then processed into paper. It’s a relatively small move, but every little bit helps the environment prosper a little bit longer.

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2 years ago
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