Nissan Files $91 Million Lawsuit Against Ghosn

Credit: Hasan Shaaban/Bloomberg

Despite his escape from Japan, Nissan isn’t done with Ghosn just yet.

Japan’s Nissan Motor Co. has officially sued its ex-chairman, Carlos Ghosn, for damages up to $91 million. In an official statement on the matter, Nissan said that they are seeking to “recover a significant part of the monetary damages inflicted on the company by its former Chairman as a result of years of his misconduct and fraudulent activity.” To be more specific, Nissan has claimed that Ghosn used company funds to pay for “overseas residential property without paying rent, private use of corporate jets, payments to his sister, payments to his personal lawyer in Lebanon,” and other infractions that the pursued damages would cover, along with the costs of his investigation.

Ghosn is filing a lawsuit of his own against Nissan, though for an entirely separate matter; Ghosn has claimed that Nissan wrongfully dismissed him from the company’s Dutch unit, and by a joint venture between Nissan and Mitsubishi BV. Ghosn is seeking 15 million euros (approx. $16.4 million) in damages.

Ghosn was arrested in November of 2018 under suspicion of financial crimes during his time as Nissan’s chairman. He had been awaiting several trials in prison, until December 2019 when he fled Japan thanks to assistance from a former Green Beret soldier and an unidentified security detail. From his current home in Lebanon, Ghosn has repeatedly stated that his prosecution was an inside job on the part of Nissan’s executive board, with assistance from Japanese prosecutors, to have him unjustly detained.

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