Nokia Takes Legal Action Against Amazon and HP for Patent Infringement


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Finnish Tech Giant Defends Innovation in Legal Battle with Tech Titans

Nokia, the renowned Finnish telecommunications and technology company, has taken legal action against Amazon and HP in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, and the European Unified Patent Court for alleged unauthorized use of its streaming and device technologies. The lawsuits represent Nokia’s commitment to protecting its intellectual property and ensuring that companies respect established patent rights.

Nokia, a pioneer in the mobile phone industry during the 1990s and early 2000s, has since transitioned into a leading provider of 5G network equipment and holds a substantial portfolio of approximately 20,000 patents. These patents cover critical technologies that have significantly contributed to the modern streaming industry, including groundbreaking innovations in video compression, content delivery, and recommendation systems.

Arvind Patel, Chief Licensing Officer at Nokia, emphasized the company’s long-standing efforts to engage in discussions with both Amazon and HP regarding licensing agreements. He stated, “We’ve been in discussions with each of Amazon and HP for a number of years, but sometimes litigation is the only way to respond to companies who choose not to play by the rules followed and respected by others.”

Nokia’s position is rooted in its belief that there is a “mismatch” between those who drive innovations underpinning over-the-top (OTT) services and those who benefit from these innovations without due compensation. The company has invested over €140 billion ($148 billion) in research and development since 2000, resulting in a formidable patent portfolio encompassing connectivity and multimedia technologies.

The lawsuits filed against Amazon and HP claim that both companies have refused to obtain licenses for Nokia’s patented technologies and have proceeded to use these technologies without authorization. While Nokia hopes for a resolution through good faith negotiations, it has taken legal action to protect its intellectual property rights.

Amazon has declined to comment on the pending litigation, and HP has yet to respond to Fortune’s request for comment.

In recent developments, Nokia has also announced a strategic cost-cutting initiative, including the reduction of 14,000 jobs, to address challenges in the market environment. The company aims to reduce costs by €1.2 billion ($1.3 billion) by 2026.

Nokia remains committed to innovation and protecting its intellectual property rights, and it is hopeful that Amazon and HP will take the necessary steps to respect these rights and reach a licensing agreement.

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