From Acres To Avenues These Two Locals Are About To Teach You A Few Things About Saving Money

Eco-Friendly & Profitable, Yes Your Business Really Can Be Both!

When it comes to saving money many people in different professions have found different ways to make it happen and that couldn’t have been more accurate with the two people you are about to be introduced to. Meet guitar maker Nick Pourfard from downtown Los Angeles and dairy farmer Brian Fiscalini who grew up in the countryside of California. Although they live two completely separate lives, they seem to share one thing in common and that’s doing good in the community while finding unique ways to save money.

When the two walk a mile in each other’s shoes, things get a little muddy, literally. To start Nick heads out to Brian’s farm where they are known for their sustainable business practices. When Nick arrived, not only was he in shock, but he also he was in complete shock on how Brian is finding ways to save money. When Nick takes a look at Brian’s farm, he doesn’t see how he could possibly be saving on all the machinery and electricity that he uses.


But, since Brian has really high producing cows, it reduces their carbon footprint. They use less feed and less water because they get more volume of milk from fewer cows. But wait that’s not all, as Brian explains it, being a steward of the land makes perfectly good business sense because nothing on his farm goes to waste, not even cow manure. That’s right, they actually reheat the manure to create electricity for the farm.

When they head back to downtown L.A. to see how Nick operates his business, Brian was defiantly taken out of his element. Working out of his garage, Nick talks about how he’s saving used skateboards from the trash and he’s turning them into beautiful handmade guitars. Nick also makes his own furniture out of reclaimed wood that he finds on the street. How cool is that!

Now seeing that the two young men come from extremely different worlds they actually do have a lot in common. Both recycling what other people see as trash the two business owners are finding unique ways to save money within the resources that they have! So, we want to know, what are some unique ways you’re saving money in your business?

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5 years ago