Amazon To Employees: Quit & Start Your Own Business

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What would you do if your boss told you to quit and start your own business to help their company? What if they also offered you $10,000 to do it?

This may sound strange, but Amazon is now doing exactly this with their employees, and there’s a very good reason for it. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is encouraging Amazon employees to quit their jobs and start their own package delivery companies. Furthermore, the company is willing to offer quite a bit of support to those who take them up on this offer. The offer applies to employees who leave to form US start-ups for package delivery. Amazon also offered its employees the equivalent of three month’s worth of their most recent salary should they take the company up on the offer.

There are likely a few reasons for this, one of which follows Amazon’s previous efforts to encourage unhappy employees to leave the company. These new “pay to quit” efforts represent the next step, and provide further incentive for unhappy employees to leave. This also goes alongside Amazon’s own goals, as the company is going through some major changes.

Amazon’s new one day free shipping for Prime members is expected to leave Amazon as busy as ever. More deliveries will need to be made, and even faster than before. It is foreseeable that this move will work in Amazon’s favor as well, and ideally it would help support Amazon, the employees who leave to become business owners, as well as local economies which benefit from small businesses and the jobs they bring.

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9 months ago
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