Volkswagen Unveils New Electric Van

Credit: Unsplash

The company is hoping to create a successor to the iconic “hippie bus.”

In the 1950s, Volkswagen introduced the T1 Microbus, a compact yet hefty vehicle that, over the next few decades, would become primarily associated with the hippie movement, but T1s painted in bright, wavy colors becoming emblematic of things like the Woodstock music festival. Iconic as it was, though, the microbus got terrible gas mileage, so it’s not exactly eco-friendly to drive anymore. It’s for this reason that Volkswagen has created a new van that they hope can bring back some of those nostalgic feelings.

Today, Volkswagen unveiled the ID Buzz, a new, sleeker microbus that’s completely electric-powered. With its red-and-white paint job, the ID Buzz is meant to ferry many passengers at once at a fraction of the fuel costs, all while evoking that classic music festival road trip image.

“It’s designed to be kind of a mainstream people-hauler first. Just with cues to play into that retro appeal of the Microbus,” Chad Kirchner, editor-in-chief EV Pulse, explained to ABC News.

“There is definitely a large group of people out there who are nostalgic for the old Microbus,” he added.

The European version of the ID Buzz will be releasing later this year, with an American model to follow in 2024.

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1 year ago