Squeeze Some Extra Value out of Your Job

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If you want fulfillment, you’ve got to work for it.

Do you consider your current job fulfilling? It’s a tough question. For some folks, a fulfilling job means making a difference and standing out in your field, while for others it means just being able to tolerate the daily grind without running screaming into the distance. While there are definitely some jobs out there that will be a little more attuned to your tastes, the fact of the matter is that there isn’t an arbitrary “fulfillment value” assigned to any one particular line of work. If you’re feeling unfulfilled at your work, it could be because the position is lousy, but it could also be because you aren’t actively looking to be fulfilled.

If you want to get a warm fuzzy feeling from your work, you have to, well, work for it. For example, if you’ve got the time and energy to spare, you should try to ingrain yourself more into your job’s inner workings. If some kind of new assignment comes in that you’re unfamiliar with, take the initiative and volunteer. You should try to lean toward tasks that are in your wheelhouse, of course, but time permitting, you could pick up a few new skills and direct them toward that task. You get to try something new at work, as well as learn new marketable skills.

If the professional aspects of your work aren’t calling out to you, try to get a little more out of the social aspect. Get to know your coworkers, volunteer your services when they need assistance. Nothing brightens up a dull day at the office like friendly, upbeat banter between coworkers. And while this shouldn’t be your primary motive, helping folks out could score you a few favors down the line.

As with most things in life, you get as much out of a job as you put in. You put nothing in, you get nothing back, and nobody likes getting nothing.

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