US Nurses Are Experiencing Dangerous Levels of Job Stress

Nurses, who often have to work long hours and face regular abuse on the job, are more likely quit or worse, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of San Diego have just completed what they claim to be the first nationwide study on nurse suicides in two decades. The findings were that both male and female nurses had higher than average suicide rates in the US. Nurses have abnormally high suicide rates, which have been rising at a rate consistent with the general population. The general suicide rate across the US has been rising during the last few years. Suicide rates are currently 28% higher than they were two decades ago, and have risen to the worst point since World War II.

Nurses have to deal with higher-than-average stress levels at work. Their troubles range from long hours to verbal and physical abuse in the workplace. Due to nationwide shortages, nursing is one the sixth fastest-growing professions in the US, but this hasn’t had a meaningful impact on the long workdays required of them. As baby boomers continue to grow older, there will be even more demands placed on the healthcare system and even more need for nurses. Despite all of the job opportunities, hospitals are still struggling to fill their positions and nurses still need to work extra hard.

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8 months ago
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