UK Currency Exchange Services Hit By Cyber Attack

Credit: The Wall Street Journal

Currency exchange company Travelex reported on Thursday that it was the victim of a cyber attack.

The consequences of the attack remained through early Monday morning after the company’s website had to be closed down.

The Travelex program is used by several large banks, including HSBC and Barclay’s. There are also other online banks that use the platform for financial services for travelers. Apart from that, the company conducts foreign currency deliveries for pickup and manages the software used to provide these services.

Since the virus attack that took place on New Year’s Eve, Travelex has been trying to deal with the consequences of the cyber attack. The company decided to temporarily shut its website down. This led to all of the banks and online brokers that use Travelex being unable to offer currency exchange services. Customers attempting to access the site are being greeted with a message reading:””Our online, foreign currency purchasing service is temporarily unavailable due to planned maintenance. The system will be back online shortly.”

Leaders at several large banks put out notices and apologies over the interruption to their currency exchange services. The delay even went on for so long that Travelex resorted to providing manual currency exchange services at its branches. “We apologise to all our customers for any inconvenience caused as a result,” Travelex boss Tony D’Souza said in a statement.

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5 months ago