Chaos At Partner Banks As Hackers Continue To Hold Travelex Hostage

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The hackers that hijacked the Travelex website are still causing chaos at some of the world’s largest banks.

The big banks that Travelex works with have announced that their foreign currency reserves for travel-money have run out.

After Travelex fell victim to a cyber attack at the tail end of 2019, Travelex tellers were forced to start exchanging money the old fashioned way: pen and paper. Hackers are still in control of the Travelex website, and they’ve now demanded a $6 million ransom to allow the company to use its website again. The Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds, and Barclays have all announced that their travel-money services have come to a halt. The banks explained to their customers that their supply of foreign banknotes from Travelex have run out. Workers at Travelex have reported feeling “shell-shocked” to the BBC.

Travelex says it is working with cyber-security industry leaders to get to the bottom of the problem. The company says it will continue working hard to make sure its partners and customers stay aware of what’s going on. However, various employees who spoke to the BBC anonymously have reported chaos at their company offices. Some customers have also reported that they have not been refunded for money that was left in limbo. Some customers whose online orders were being processed when that attack took place have reported being unable to get the money they ordered or a refund as Travelex employees work to correct the situation.

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6 months ago