Tips On Discussing Work While In A Relationship

There’s a fine line between venting and complaining.

Work usually isn’t a sexy topic. Regardless, you’ll end up discussing your work with your significant other at some point. Sometimes you’ll want to vent your frustrations or share your accomplishments. Of course, your partner will need the same support at other times.

The only problem is that a partner doesn’t always understand the nature of your work or know how to emphasize with you properly. A partner isn’t a psychic and simple misunderstandings can lead to relationship problems. When approaching the topic of work with a partner, try following these tips:

  1. Talk about your schedules. The need to schedule is a universal professional topic of interest. You can also make a schedule for each other, such as scheduled phone calls and scheduled time together. This will make the dynamic similar to that of a team, and your partner should also be your team mate.
  2. Talk about job satisfaction in a meaningful way. Listen to how your significant other feels about their job and listen to their plans for the future. Your partner may grow resentful if you continue to ignore their feelings about where they want to be in life professionally.
  3. Likewise, talk about each others’ goals. Asking your partner about their goals shows that you care and opens the door to further commitment and success.
  4. Ask open-ended questions. Asking the same old specific questions like “how was your day?” becomes meaningless over time. Instead, ask more open-ended questions that prompt more enthusiastic responses. Asking about what the best part of their day was, or asking about other positives can open the door to more personal conversations about each others’ feelings.
  5. Discuss boundaries openly. Instead of beating around the bush, talk about the line between work and your mutual bonding. Referring to step one can help a lot with this.
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4 years ago