The Companies Business Students Want To Work For

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When it comes to what students look for in a potential job, they choose based on company culture, a flexible work-life balance, and room to grow inside a company.

The nature of employment has been changing for some time now, and the young seem to be having trouble adapting. On the flip side, it could be argued that companies have had trouble adapting as well. A recent study by America’s leading HR experts revealed that millennials don’t make it through their probation periods 70% of the time, with lateness, absence, and “gross misconduct” being cited in a majority of cases. On the other hand, while jobs are becoming increasingly complex, most companies still refuse to provide any on-the-job training. In many cases, companies expect new recruits to be wizards who can solve complex challenges with absolutely no training, then blame their “millennial attitude” when they inevitably fail to perform. Of course this all provides a difficult field for young people to navigate, and a difficult situation for companies who are in need of talent in an age when people hop from job to job like frogs.

There are a few companies that stand out in an economy in transition, however. Some companies, particularly large tech companies founded by younger people, offer a great experience for talented students and graduates to work, learn, and grow. Human resources consulting firm Universum has conducted a survey of 50,000 students at 218 colleges to find out which companies business students want to work for.

When asked, business students put Google at the top of the list for companies they’d love to work for. This is the second year in a row that Google held the top spot, though they took a small hit to their popularity compared to last year. The other top choices shouldn’t be a huge surprise to anyone, as big tech is leading the way in innovation for both consumers and employees. Of course, if you’re a really good business student, money talks. With that in mind, here are business student’s top choices:

  1. Google
  2. JP Morgan Chase
  3. Amazon
  4. Apple
  5. Goldman Sachs
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5 years ago