The Best Cities In The US For Single Men

Different parts of the US are better for different people.

If you’re looking to retire, you might think of somewhere like Florida or Arizona as an ideal place to live. If you’re a young professional, the Midwest may come to mind, but what about single men in particular? LendingTree put together a study analyzing data from the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the US to see which ones offer the things that make a single man feel at home. The study considered factors such as job prospects, crime rates, the dating pool, and more.

At the top of the list, Madison, Wisconsin is the best city in the US for a single man. This is primarily because of its high performance in health and safety metrics. The city is also highly cultured and entertaining, and has plenty of things to do if you’re a single man. In fact, the city topped LendingTree’s rankings for the best cities for single women as well. Moving from the Midwest, the second and third best city for single men are in the North-East. Hartford, CT, and Albany, NY are the 2nd and 3rd best cities for single men, respectively. This is also primarily due to good metrics for health and safety.

On the opposite end, Memphis, TN rated as the worst city for single men in the US. The city did particularly poorly when it comes to culture and entertainment. The main thing dragging Memphis back, however, is an extremely low safety score, as the city has the highest violent crime rate of America’s 100 largest metropolitan areas.

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10 months ago
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