T-Mobile & Sprint Jump The FCC Hurdle To Push Towards Merger

Image Credit: Fox Business

The deal between T-Mobile and Sprint has cleared one of the largest obstacles in its path.

The FCC has now approved the merger, so the only question that remains is how much more (or ideally, less) you’ll end up paying for your phone plan.

The pending merger between T-Mobile and Sprint has cleared its largest regulatory hurdle, and it would appear that this corporate marriage will go through without any significant problems. The approval didn’t come without a single challenge, however. The two parties to this merger have had to agree to several concessions, including an acceleration to the deployment of 5G broadband to rural areas of the US in order to close the current “digital divide.” When it comes to the price that customers will have to pay as a result of this merger, the situation is far less clear.

The merger, which is worth $26 billion, may result in more expensive cellular coverage and approximately 30,000 job cuts. The impact that this merger will have on customers is still unclear, but opponents to it argue that less competition certainly won’t be good on the consumer end. For their part, T-Mobile and Sprint have both claimed otherwise since the beginning phases of this merger, and have previously committed to freezing prices for the first three years. Spring has also suggested in regulatory filings that without this merger becoming approved, the long-term viability of the company would likely be brought into question.

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