Some Americans Choosing Mexico To Maximize Their Retirement Savings

Photo Credit: Mexperience

Many Americans are in Mexico to enjoy their retirement in locations with nice weather and a lower cost of living.

While it’s hard to verify exact numbers, there are currently about one million Americans living in Mexico.

Many Americans choose to retire in US states with lower costs of living and more agreeable weather. Typically, this means moving from places like New York and California to states like Florida and Arizona. Recent years have also seen more Americans looking abroad for their retirement, and the reasons are as clear as daylight, literally. Apart from getting more warmth and sunlight, Americans who are going into retirement often choose Mexico for financial reasons as well. Americans retiring in Mexico can receive healthcare for a fraction of the cost of American healthcare, as well as the cost of everyday expenses such as rent and food. For most retirees, income takes a back seat to how far their savings will take them, so choosing a location based on the cost of living effectively means choosing a better lifestyle.

Fortunately for a great many Americans, Mexico is a great option for retirement. For many Americans, retirement in Mexico means being just a few hours’ drive from the California border, making the retirement experience new, but not too distant. The other thing to keep in mind is that Mexico is a big country, and there are a few places that stand out as great retirement destinations.

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12 months ago