Real Kungfu Sued By Bruce Lee’s Daughter

Credit: NOEL CELIS/AFP via Getty Images

Real Kungfu, the popular Chinese fast food chain, is being sued by Bruce Lee Enterprises.

Bruce Lee Enterprises, which is run by Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee, is suing over the use of Bruce Lee’s image without permission. Bruce Lee Enterprises is seeking $30 million in compensation from Real Kungfu and demanding that the company remove Bruce Lee’s likeness from their logo immediately. The company currently uses its trademark logo at over 600 locations across China.

Shannon Lee’s Bruce Lee Enterprises manages the merchandising and licensing of the world-famous Bruce Lee brand. Its current case against Real Kungfu comes 29 years after the founding of the restaurant chain. The company has remarked that it is “baffled” over the lawsuit, as it’s come so long after the company’s founding.

Real Kungfu, for its part, argues that its logo and Bruce Lee’s depiction was approved by local authorities after being screened by China’s national trademark agency. “We are baffled that after so many years we are now being sued, and we are currently energetically studying the case and preparing our response,”the company said in a statement.

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2 months ago