President Biden Comes to “An Agreement in Principle” to Raise the U.S. Debt Limit

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President Biden and House Republicans Reach Historic Debt Limit Deal, Averting Economic Crisis

President Joe Biden and House Republicans have reached an agreement in principle to raise the U.S. debt limit, averting a historic default. The deal, confirmed by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, was reached during a phone call between Biden and McCarthy. The agreement must be passed before June 5 to prevent the U.S. from being unable to pay its bills.

McCarthy believes the agreement is beneficial for the American people, although more work needs to be done. Biden acknowledges that the agreement represents a compromise, protecting key priorities and legislative accomplishments.

If the deal passes through Congress and becomes law, it will prevent an unprecedented economic crisis. A U.S. government default could cause a global recession and job losses. The agreement also postpones the next debt ceiling battle until after the 2024 elections.

Obstacles may arise during the process, with opposition expected from both the left and the right. Some conservative members of the Republican Party have voiced concerns about the deal, while others appear more optimistic.

The agreement includes lifting the debt limit for two years and capping non-defense spending. Concessions have been made regarding work requirements for food stamp recipients. The deal gradually implements food stamp time limits for individuals up to age 54, exempting veterans and the homeless. Medicaid and certain changes to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program remain unaffected.

Negotiators will continue working on the legislative text, with McCarthy expecting a House vote on Wednesday. The agreement aims to cut spending and sets a 1% top-line number for the next six years. It also includes work requirements for SNAP and TANF.

The urgency to reach a deal is intensified as the U.S. approaches the possibility of default and economic catastrophe. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen emphasizes the need to address the debt ceiling by June 5. The timeline is tight, and the pressure on negotiators is high.

While debt limit predictions are not precise, Congress must act swiftly to avert potential financial turmoil. The agreement in principle, provides hope for avoiding a historic default and ensuring the stability of the nation’s finances.

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