Part-Time Retiree Jobs That Pay Well

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Retirees are living longer, and even working longer than ever before.

The modern economy is certainly different. While the economy is always changing for many different reasons, retirees and their habits have been among the most noticeable.

While many people are choosing to retire well beyond retirement age, many more are also getting part time work and staying employed. When it comes to the part-time work available to retirees, there are a few jobs which stand out. Retirees can get some really great gigs, and 13% of retirees are currently still working or looking for work.

Here are the 5 part-time jobs that pay retirees well:

  1. Interpreters/translators can make about $20 per hour. Furthermore, they can even work from home, adding even more comfort into a retirement lifestyle.
  2. Nurse practitioners make $47.11 per hour, which is a great wage for anyone! Nurse practitioners prescribe medications, perform exams, and diagnose health issues, and the majority have a masters degree.
  3. Tax preparer is an excellent job for a retired accountant. Wages range from $15-$30 per hour, although their work is much simpler than that of an accountant.
  4. Small businesses are in need of book keepers according to AARP. Book keepers make an average of $17.91 per hour and handle several aspects of office management.
  5. Executive administrative assistant is another role which is great for those in the retirement age. The average wage for an executive administrative assistant is $20.15 per hour.
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