Many Millennial Couples Choosing To Keep Accounts Separate

Credit: Asset Planning Corporation

Marriage doesn’t mean sharing everything in life in the same way it used to.

Most baby boomers tied their finances together when they tied the knot, but the younger generations have other ideas. A joint study between Insider and Morning Consult has revealed that 64% of married Americans have tied their finances with their spouses’. However, 37% of millennials and 36% of gen Xers decided to keep their finances separate from their partners’. In contrast, only 27% of baby boomers decided to keep their finances separate from their partners’. This particular statistic is just one among many demonstrating a generational gap in financial behavior.

There are clear reasons for this generational gap. Millennials and gen Xers are both already stressed out about money. When it comes to relationships, many worry that having their financial lives intertwined will be bad for their relationships. The same study showed that about 62% of millennials and 56% of gen Xers report that finances have made their relationships more stressful. On the other hand, 64% of boomers report that money doesn’t add stress to their relationships.

When it comes to the right choice for money in marriage, there are both pros and cons to joint financial accounts. Having joint accounts makes working as a team and coordinating expenses easier. Separate accounts can lead to less financial vulnerability, but more work when it comes to making joint financial decisions. In either case, shared financial values and keeping up to date with each others’ finances helps keep a relationship more healthy.

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8 months ago
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