Manchester City Sells $500 Million Stake, Club Now Valued At $4.8 Billion

Credit: Oli SCARFF/AFP

Manchester City is now the world’s most valuable soccer club.

After selling a $500 million stake to US-based equity firm Silver Lake, the club has been valued at $4.8 billion.

Of all the soccer clubs in the world, there is perhaps none as well-known as Manchester City. Even before becoming the most valuable soccer club in the world, the club had a massive footprint in the global soccer community. Manchester City has teams in Australia, the US, China, and several other countries. Of course, the heart of the club resides in Manchester City itself.

Manchester City has long had to sit in the shadow of its local rival, Manchester United. However, hard work and a lot of cash from the Abu Dhabi United Group have helped push the club ahead. Now, Manchester City is the leading soccer club in the UK, and also the most financially significant soccer club in the world.

This November has seen Manchester City report a record-high $687 million in annual revenue. This marks the fifth profitable year in a row for the club.

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6 months ago