Volkswagen Could Face Huge Fine in Canada


Canadian prosecutors are pushing for Volkswagen to be slapped with a huge fine over its emissions scandal.

The car maker was charged in December after importing over 128,000 cars that didn’t meet Canadian emissions standards. Volkswagen pled guilty to these charges. Those pleas came amid a global scandal surrounding the emissions of Volkswagen vehicles. So far, the company has had to pay over €30 billion in fines.

The car maker reported last month that it came to a “proposed plea resolution” with Canadian regulators. However, they were still found guilty on 60 counts of violating the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Among the charges, the company plead guilty to providing misleading information. Canadian prosecutors are now pushing for a CAD $196.5 million fine.

Volkswagen’s emissions scandal has dragged along since 2015. The company first admitted that it had installed software in its vehicles that allowed them to cheat emissions tests. This confession to US investigators opened a storm of legal action against them from around the world. Since then, the company has said that 11 million cars had the software installed. Just last week, Poland’s consumer watchdog fined the company 120 million Polish Zloty.

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4 years ago
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