Major Construction Planned Amid Amazon’s 2020 Fulfillment Center Opening

The new Amazon fulfillment center is expected to create 1500 new jobs, but it is also expected to cause a few traffic problems.

Amazon’s new fulfillment center will open in Oak Creek in 2020. The center is expected to create 1500 new jobs, but the community will need to endure some traffic problems in the interim.

City officials estimate that Amazon will be bringing in an additional 175 trucks on a daily basis. This is also expected to take place during the busiest month of the year, so local officials are slightly concerned.

“The trucks are going to be coming in and basically, as I understand it, unloading, loading up again, and then going back out,” Oak Creek Mayor Dan Bukiewicz explained.

The road construction will be the most significant factor in the coming busy construction season. Amazon will be widening a few major roads in Oak Creek. They will start by widening the portion of Ryan Road from 13th street to the I-94. This corridor is already normally busy, so Amazon will need to make it a bit wider. However, the corridor will likely be significantly narrower for much of this year’s construction season.

“The work they’re doing will make things safer and more efficient in the long run,” Bukiewicz assured.

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