Ford Establishes Separate Unit for EV Development

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Ford now has two separate departments for EVs and traditional cars.

As the environmental need for electric vehicles becomes more pressing, and the car-buying public becomes more eager for them, automotive manufacturers are getting ready to go full steam on the development and marketing of EVs. Of course, since EV infrastructure isn’t perfect yet, they can’t abandon traditional combustion engine vehicles just yet. To address these twin needs, Ford has decided it’s time to divide and conquer.

Ford announced today that they are reorganizing their operational structure into two distinct units, one for the manufacture and development of traditional vehicles named Ford Blue, and one for the manufacture and development of EVs named Ford Model E. Both units will still be kept in-house, and with Ford’s considerable resources, the EV unit will be able to provide results equal to or greater than any existing EV startups.

“We are going all in, creating separate but complementary businesses that give us start-up speed and unbridled innovation in Ford Model E together with Ford Blue’s industrial know-how, volume and iconic brands like Bronco, that start-ups can only dream about,” Ford CEO Jim Farley said in a statement.

In addition to developing and manufacturing EVs, Ford Model E is looking to simplify the process of buying and owning an EV. The company plans to create and utilize “simple, intuitive e-commerce platforms, transparent pricing and personalized customer support.”

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3 months ago
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