Florida’s Underwater Pizza Delivery Service

Photo Credit: Padi

Pizza delivery has been a staple of modern life for decades, but not all pizza delivery people walk up to your front door and knock.

Rob Doyle is a scuba-diving pizza delivery man working at an underwater hotel in Florida.

Rob straps up every work day in order to submerge himself underwater, alongside his waterproof container with a warm pizza inside. “I don’t think there’s anybody else on this planet that delivers pizza the way I deliver pizza,” Rob says. He’s probably right. When was the last time you met or even heard of an underwater pizza delivery professional? The process isn’t as simple as delivering a normal pizza, of course. Rob must drive close to the delivery’s destination before securing the pizza inside a water-tight briefcase and strapping on scuba gear. After this, yes, the job is a simple pizza delivery, except for the fact that Rob scuba dives with a pizza secured to his person.

Rob is trained and certified to do what he does, and he’s also a scuba instructor. The type of service he offers also has a name, believe it or not. The service Rob conducts is known as the “bell buoy,” which means that if you’re somewhere that can only be reached underwater, Rob can deliver items to you via a scuba dive. The hotel he works at is just as unique as his job. Jules’ Underwater Sea Lodge is a 50-foot long steel structure with only two bedrooms, and Rob can reach these rooms through the airlock underneath it. If you’d like Rob to deliver you a pizza, rates for the rooms start at a few hundred dollars per night, but the rooms include all the modern amenities you’d expect from a hotel.

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