European Companies Urging EU Antitrust Action Against Google

Credit: Search Engine Land

Over 40 European companies have come together to urge EU action against Google for what they allege are unfair business practices.

Just two years after Google was fined 2.4 billion Euros, these companies are pressing European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager to take more action against the tech giant.

The 41 companies currently calling for action against Google represents the largest group effort to take action against Google so far. The companies penned a joint letter on Thursday, encouraging Vestager to push Google to comply with the 2017 ruling against it. According to Reuters, Google has yet to comply with the 2017 ruling that resulted in a 2.4 billion Euro fine.

The companies urging Vestager to take action against Google come from 21 separate European countries. “We are approaching you (Vestager) because companies like ours are endangered by Google, which is artfully avoiding compliance with the law,” the letter explained. According to the companies, Google’s advertising platform has not been working as promised. They allege that despite the fact that Google’s competitors have bid for advertising space at the top of Google search pages, traffic to their sites hasn’t been improved. According to the European companies, Google is unfairly manipulating the playing field in Europe.

The European commission has confirmed that they’ve received the letter and are now monitoring the situation. No actions have been taken and no solutions have been offered so far.

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6 months ago
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