Don’t Break The Bank This Holiday Season

It’s the season of perpetual cheer…and maybe breaking the bank buying those you love gifts. There are some great gift ideas out there that won’t put you into personal debt before the beginning of a new year. After all, consumer technology has never been more affordable than it is now, and it’s time you capitalize on that this holiday season.

Either way, you will more than likely be spending money on those you love in the near future (kudos to you if you’ve already gotten it taken care of, by the way). We have a few tips for you that you can implement into your life to help you save money, all year round, but more importantly, during the holiday season! Your friends and family and other recipients of your gift giving will thank you….and us.

1. Spendy: a free (yes, we said free) app that provides you a breakdown of your monthly budget, including where you’re spending most of your money and how you can be more money-conscious. Budget better, save more!
2. Nest smart thermostat: these automatically adjust to personal temperatures and turn off when you’re not around, which helps you save a ton of money on your electric bill.
3. Energy efficient light bulbs– 100 watt light bulbs by Philips will help you to reduce your monthly electric bill as well, with a low upfront cost (the cost of a lightbulb, of course).

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7 years ago