Bill Nye Seeking $28 Million In Damages From Disney

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Bill Nye the Science Guy is taking Disney to court.

Bill Nye was granted the ability to take Disney to court over a profit dispute by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dalila Lyons. The science guy is taking Disney to court over $28 million in alleged damages. Nye alleges that Disney under-reported and withheld a large share of his profits from 90s hit show Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Disney, for its part, has labeled the whole case as an “accounting spectacle.”

Judge Lyons put limits on the amount of money Nye could win from the lawsuit. This move wasn’t appreciated by Nye’s lawyers. “While we are disappointed with the Court’s ruling yesterday and the flawed legal reasoning upon which it relied, we welcome the opportunity to litigate the remainder of our clients’ case at trial…” the two lawyers said in a statement.

The lawsuit was originally filed in 2017. One of Disney’s subsidiaries, Buena Vista, made an agreement with Nye and the owners of his show in 1993. The agreement was to sell the series to local television stations. The terms entitled Nye and the owners to half of the revenues from the agreement. Even with limited access, an audit discovered that Nye was owed over $9 million in royalty payments. Now he is seeking that money and additional punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

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