Awkward Silence At A Job Interview? Here’s What You Have To Do!

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If you get nervous at job interviews, you’re far from alone.

Interviews can make people nervous, which can lead to all sorts of erratic behavior, such as rambling or fidgeting. However, career experts say that it’s a mistake to try to cover up awkward pauses with chatter or rambling. This is because interviewers sometimes use these pauses as a tactic to see what the person they’re interviewing does.

Uncomfortable silences at job interviews can make a few seconds feel like an eternity. So, what you should do instead is answer each question you’re given confidently. After that, if need be, just sit there in silence while the interviewer allows the room to grow cold. While it may sound tough for some people, the key is to wait until the interviewer breaks the silence.

During an interview, it’s important to answer relevant questions while highlighting your unique qualifications for that position. As a rule of thumb, if anything you’re saying veers off the subject too much, you’ve already said too much. In fact, according to Glassdoor, the awkward silences you experience could be your own fault. In many cases, interviewees become nervous and resort to answering questions too quickly. This causes the interviewer to be thrown off balance and lose track of their interview and the questions they had prepared. So, it’s important to relax and take a few seconds if you need to. In the end, remember to:

  1. Be calm
  2. Answer confidently
  3. Wait for the interviewer’s response
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