Amazon Plans To Hire 30,000 On Nationwide ‘Career Day’

Credit: Amazon

Amazon is marking a nationwide “Amazon Career Day” in the US by hiring 30,000 new employees in six American cities.

The hiring spree at Amazon will probably see the company receive many applications. The company will need 30,000 new employees by early next year, so they’re looking around in six cities, including Arlington, Virginia, the location of Amazon’s second headquarters. They’re looking for all sorts of new employees, including software engineers and warehouse staff. Pay for these new jobs ranges from $15 per hour to pack and ship orders, to an over $100,000 per year salary for some software engineering positions. According to Amazon, the positions will all be full-time and will come with benefits.

This hiring spree is more than a short-term preparation for a busy shopping season. Amazon appears to be preparing for a serious expansion with this week-long event. The event will begin on September 17th and will take place in six locations in the US. The locations may have been picked in part for Amazon’s convenience, but the company thinks it will find the best talent in the locations they’ve picked. Unfortunately, these events won’t see anyone get hired on the spot. Instead, about 1,000 recruiters will help viable candidates apply for these positions, help prepare them for job interviews, and give them more information on the roll they’d play if they’re hired. All candidates will be given an opportunity to build their interview skills while learning what it’s like to work an Amazon.

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9 months ago