Amazon Campus Opens In India

Credit: Associated Press

Amazon announced on Wednesday that it’ll be opening up its biggest campus in the world in Hyderabad, in southern India.

The move highlights Amazon’s efforts to become the key player in the world’s last serious growth market for their services.

Amazon has faced several challenges stateside, including a scrapped plan to build an outpost in New York City. The company blamed opposition from local leaders for the scrapped New York plan, but a second Amazon headquarters will be coming to Arlington, Virginia soon.

When it comes to India, Amazon is fighting for a place in its last major growth market, but is facing stiff competition from local companies. Amazon is quite active in India already, with over 62,000 employees based in the country. Hyderabad has long been the center of Amazon’s operations in India, with its first Indian operations being launched from the city in 2004. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has even committed to a $5 billion investment for expansion in India. Amazon is in a rush to beat its competition, particularly Walmart’s Flipkart, as they determine the best way to move forward in the complicated market that is India.

Amazon’s India manager Amit Agarwal told Reuters “The investment to create an office of this size indicates that we are going to continue to grow.” The new Amazon campus in Hyderabad will cover over 9.5 acres and the cost will be in the hundreds of millions. One third of Amazon’s Indian employees are based in Hyderabad, and the new campus will be able to hold over 15,000 employees.

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