5 Rewards Credit Cards You Should Consider

Normally, here at WiseDime, we don’t encourage our readers to sign up for meaningless store credit cards because it’s just another pitfall for overspending when it comes to your budget. However, with holiday season encroaching upon us, it might not be a bad idea to rack up some points on your favorite store’s personal credit card. Here are some of the best deals and offers for charge cards you can get this year.

Uber Credit Card
With no annual fee, this card is great for online shoppers. As we more towards digital retailers for holiday shopping, the Uber card will give you double points on all your online spending.

Costco Anywhere Visa
If you’re looking for no interest, this is the card to go, as you will be interest free for 7 months. Additionally, you get double points whenever you shop at Costco and regular reward points and 1% cash back for all other spending.

Nordstrom Credit Card
If you stay up-to-date with Nordstrom sales, you’ll know they offer triple point days which are great for racking up points to use on bonus purchases.

Target REDCard
Not only can you buy almost anything at Target, they offer a whopping 5% rewards rate on most purchases. Additionally, there’s the advantage of free online shipping.

Gap Card
If you’re gonna do bulk clothes shopping, you can get 20% off your first purchase with $0 in annual fees with this card.

Consider taking on one extra rewards card this holiday season so your gifts can go the extra mile.

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2 years ago
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