Signs You’re In The Wrong Career

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and cash is king. Which means we cannot afford (literally) to be without a job for too long. That doesn’t mean we have to force ourselves onto a career path that does not suit our needs or does not make us happy. Certified health coach and Health Coach Institute’s co-founder, Stacey Morgenstern, discusses three signs that should get you thinking about a new career. If you have been dealing with any of these three feelings, perhaps it’s time to assess whether a different job or career is worth it:

1. Underpaid, overworked, and under-appreciated: We have probably all felt this way at some point or another, especially early in our careers. And with hard work does come some hardship and extreme effort at times. But, if this is a lasting feeling that has been burdening you for sometime, this is a key sign that the job you’re currently working may not be the one for you.
2. Where’s the challenge?: If you don’t feel challenged at your place of work, it’s another key sign you may be barking up the wrong tree. Avoid becoming bored, tired or uninspired by turning the things you love into a career.
3. Your calling is elsewhere: If the unknown is keeping you from following what you’re truly passionate about, stop avoiding it and embrace the unknown. Don’t let negative thoughts hold you back, have a serious conversation with yourself about longevity at your current job. Could you stand it? Or would you always be looking over the fence?

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12 months ago