Keep Your Kitchen Cost Effective With These Meals

The kitchen can be one of the most costly rooms in the home: not for decorating, but for cooking. And if you don’t have any food stocked in your fridge, going out can be even more costly. Here are some of the quickest, and cheapest, recipes to always keep in your kitchen so you always have something simple to eat.

Grilled Cheese
No matter how intricate or simplistically you make this classic meal, grilled cheese is always an easy and cost-effective choice because at its base it’s only two slices of bread and some cheese. Add in a can of tomato soup as a side that costs around a dollar, and you have a full lunch planned out for you.

Rice and Beans
A timeless combo that will always fill you up, rice and beans are great for the nights where you run out of time to make a grandiose meal and are tempted to order take-out. Instead, grab a can of beans and always have a bag of rice in the pantry. Simmer the rice, cook the beans, and concoct a combination of cost-effective satisfaction.

Mac ‘n Cheese
Boiling noodles is always a simple and easy meal that leaves you satisfied. When it comes to mac ‘n cheese, you can always use your own noodles, or get the boxed noodles with a cheese mix already inside. Whichever the case, you just need to bring the water to a boil, add the noodles, strain it, and then add the milk, butter, and cheese and you have another meal that doesn’t break the bank.

So next time your struggling with food ideas or struggling with money, always remember these cost effective meals you should always keep at home.

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8 months ago