Quick Tricks to Save Some Cash

There are plenty of ways to save money. You can probably think of many simple ways to spend less, such as re-using Ziploc bags or taking lunch to work. Some methods are easier than others, but there are also many subtle ways to cut spending. On that note, before you cancel your gym membership, let’s take a look at some ways to avoid cutting the important things out of your life.

Online shopping offers plenty of convenience, but it is a great place to cut spending. Just don’t keep your credit card information online, and wait 48 hours before any online purchase. Credit cards have been proven time and again to undercut your control over your spending.

A more challenging, but very rewarding money-saving method is to cut transportation costs. Walking, cycling, or taking the bus are all significantly cheaper than paying for a car, gas, and parking. If you just quit using a car for your commute, then you’ve already saved thousands of dollars every year. That doesn’t even include the enormous costs of repairs, and it protects your car from wear and tear.

Lastly, check your online banking. That may sound obvious, but many people are not fully aware of where their money is going. Unnecessary recurring expenses add up over time, and if you don’t check your statement closely, for all you know you could be paying for a gym membership you didn’t know you had!

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1 year ago
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