Use The Highlighter Test To Save Money

Everyone wants to save money but sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you can do to cut costs. Sometimes you think you’ve cut all unnecessary costs out of your budget and everything left is necessary. Here is an easy trick to cut certain costs out off your spending: it’s called the “highlighter test.”

What this is is a method that will help highlight certain costs you do not need and help reset your spending habits to not make those purchases in the future. What you will need to do is, over the next few months, keep a list of everything you have spent your money on. At the end of each month, highlight everything you spent money on that frustrates you. It could be spending too much at a restaurant or not looking long enough for a deal and ending up spending too much on an item.

What this will do is help re-wire your spending so that you are more cautious of how you allocate your funds. You will notice over time that you will second guess before ordering desert at that restaurant you go to on Friday nights. This will help you save some extra funds. Sure, it may not seem like much at first, but these savings will begin to add up.

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2 years ago