Jobs That’re Great If Travel Is Important To You

As telecommuting becomes much more common, some jobs take remote working to the next level.

The modern economy has created an array of jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection and a laptop. There are a few particular jobs that can provide you with unique travel opportunities to spice life up a bit.

One of the best jobs for perpetual travelers are online tutoring positions. Online tutoring is taking off as an industry, with teaching English online being particularly common and lucrative. The prerequisites for teaching online vary from site to site and from country to country, but the bar of entry will usually be similar. For online English tutoring, you’ll be expected to be a native English speaker, have a great Wi-Fi connection, sometimes a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, and a lot of patience. Other subjects commonly taught online include math, chemistry, and music.

Cruise ship employees have unique travel opportunities as they live and work aboard a ship. Working on a cruise ship or yacht is a great way to travel while making money on the go. Most cruise ship employees are contractors that work for 1-6 months before having their contracts renewed. In many cases, especially in the case of yachts, employees are free to do whatever they want while the ship they work on is still at port. That means that maritime employees can explore the cities they land in while having a job that allows them to perpetually travel.

Other common jobs which allow for plenty of travel include tour guides, translators, content creators, data analysts, and social media managers. If travel is important to you, start looking up ways to incorporate your work life into your travel life.

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3 months ago
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